Category: Shoulder

Karen M.

Oct26th 2020

The team at Physio Med truly cares about their patients. I broke my shoulder Labor Day weekend and was unable to be seen by orthopedics for 13 days. I was given a sling in the ER, but not much advice other than to keep my shoulder close to my body until I could be seen by a doctor. (Which resulted in a frozen shoulder.) But, through Ann's hard work and dedication my arm has improved to the point that I have normal use of it again. It's still limited but in order to "thaw" my shoulder I would need surgery or possible injections, which is something I won't undergo. Ann's such a caring and dedicated therapist and I'm so grateful for her hard work (and patience with me!) Thank you. Ann. I wouldn't go anywhere else!!!!

Kris L.

Oct26th 2020

Excellent experience!! I was first greeted by a polite and energetic young man Andrew. I have 2 bad shoulders and often have trouble pulling on the heavy doors to open, Andrew recognized me walking up and left his desk to anxiously open the door for me, as he has done EVERY time I come to office. I then was greeted by my lovely therapist Jeanette. I am so grateful for the way she treats me as a real person and just not another number on her schedule, I am a quit chatty old man and she takes her time and listens to me babble while continuing to treat me as if I was her family. Last but not least they have the wonderful Becky, this young lady is so friendly that I am actually disheartened when I have to check out. With her infectious smile and tantalizing demeanor she truly tops off the wonderful experience that is Physio Med!!! I would whole heartedly recommend this rehab facility as they treat you like family!