Sarah D.

Oct26th 2020

What a wonderful blessing finding Ann at Physio Med Daytona has been! We’ve been coming to her for my Dad’s lymphedema for five weeks now and what a difference it has made. My dad’s legs started swelling and filling with fluid after getting blood clots after brain surgery. They continued to grow and grow and eventually weep. After just one week of coming to see Ann for wraps and massages, the weeping stopped! The right leg is back down to normal size and while the left leg is still swollen, it looks amazing compared to where we were 5 weeks ago. Can’t wait to see what Ann’s amazing work will show in the coming weeks!

In addition to the lymphema, Ann has also been working on physical therapy with my dad. We go daily and have seen amazing advancements in just two weeks time. Ann is a very caring and compassionate lady who bonds very well with her patients and always knows exactly just how hard to push them to achieve greatness.