Patient Testimonials

  • The best place for physical therapy,

    I absolutely recommend Physio Med in Lady Lake to anyone who needs kind, compassionate and competent physical therapy. Scottie Bull is exceptional and knowledgeable. Vanessa was very kind and gentle. Andrew and the rest of the office staff have been extremely helpful, courteous and kind. I’m grateful that my doctor referred me here.

    - Amy S.
  • Outstanding servive.

    My wife was in need of a therapist for her lymphedema and her OB doctor suggested Ann at PhysioMed. My wife was her first patient so she was a little nervous, but Ann made her feel like family. If your looking for a physical therapist PhysioMed is the place. Outstanding service.

    - Karl A.
  • I have had amazing results.

    I will always be grateful to have had Ann as my therapist. The tailored therapy you receive will deliver amazing results. My lymphedema was seriously out of control and now you wouldn’t know I have it. Ann went the extra mile to make sure that I had everything needed to manage and control such an uncomfortable condition. I highly recommend Ann for your therapy needs. Senna will also make you feel welcomed, he is always very friendly and efficient with checking in and scheduling. Thank you Physio Med!

    - Charity M.
  • I have returned to sports.

    After knee replacement surgery Ann at Physio Med in Daytona gave me personalized treatment one on one and catered to my needs so I can continue my active lifestyle with sports. I highly recommend her.

    - Charles V.
  • My lymphema has drastically improved.

    What a wonderful blessing finding Ann at Physio Med Daytona has been! We’ve been coming to her for my Dad’s lymphedema for five weeks now and what a difference it has made. My dad’s legs started swelling and filling with fluid after getting blood clots after brain surgery. They continued to grow and grow and eventually weep. After just one week of coming to see Ann for wraps and massages, the weeping stopped! The right leg is back down to normal size and while the left leg is still swollen, it looks amazing compared to where we were 5 weeks ago. Can’t wait to see what Ann’s amazing work will show in the coming weeks!

    In addition to the lymphema, Ann has also been working on physical therapy with my dad. We go daily and have seen amazing advancements in just two weeks time. Ann is a very caring and compassionate lady who bonds very well with her patients and always knows exactly just how hard to push them to achieve greatness.

    - Sarah D.
  • Caring, attentive, and highly skilled staff.

    If you are ever in need of a physical therapist, I would highly recommend Ann as a physical therapist. She is caring, attentive, and highly skilled. Ann listens to your needs and addresses them accordingly. She makes you feel like not just a patient but also a friend.

    - Beth A.
  • My lymphedema is now gone.

    Physio Med was an excellent place that my doctor recommended me to take care of big problem that I was having to treat Lymphedema in my lower legs that was getting out of control. Ann Van Herck, PT, CLT-LANA was very professional, caring and knowledgeable in treating my Lymphedema. After only 12 treatment, the Lymphedema was amazingly gone. Now I only a have to keep on top of not having Lymphedema returning my always wearing compression socks and FarrowWrap 4000, rapped around the outside of my compression socks, which is a small price to pay, from not having that nasty Lymphedema returning. I very highly recommend Physio Med.

    - Sammy D.
  • I am now pain-free. Thank you.

    I came in with pain and terrible swelling in my feet and ankles and was extremely happy with the thorough, professional work done to take away ALL my swelling in just a few weeks. I was not sure this would ever be possible. What a blessing to have no more pain or swelling!

    It was a very good experience and a pleasant office. I highly recommend Ann, the Physical Therapist, to anyone and I’m happy to give her and her staff a five star rating.

    - Marilyn S.
  • Top notch facilty with an excellent staff.

    I have had the pleasure of being treated by Ann Van Herck, from the Daytona Physio Med office. She is by far the best Physical Therapist I have ever been to. Ann is very knowledgeable, professional and caring. She takes pride in her work helping her patients become pain free.

    The Daytona office is clean, organized and the staff is very friendly.
    I will never go to another Physical Therapist as long as Ann Van Herck is a Physical Therapist in the Daytona area!

    - Patricia H.
  • They were encouraging and motivating during my son's physical therapy.

    Our son had extensive knee surgery which required aggressive PT. Ann was a true Godsend! She exhibited great compassion, encouraging motivation and true skill. We are forever grateful!!!

    - Pamela A.
  • I have regained normal use of my shoulder.

    The team at Physio Med truly cares about their patients. I broke my shoulder Labor Day weekend and was unable to be seen by orthopedics for 13 days. I was given a sling in the ER, but not much advice other than to keep my shoulder close to my body until I could be seen by a doctor. (Which resulted in a frozen shoulder.) But, through Ann’s hard work and dedication my arm has improved to the point that I have normal use of it again. It’s still limited but in order to “thaw” my shoulder I would need surgery or possible injections, which is something I won’t undergo. Ann’s such a caring and dedicated therapist and I’m so grateful for her hard work (and patience with me!) Thank you. Ann. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!!!!

    - Karen M.
  • I have already started healing.

    Finished my physical therapy for my knee replacement at Physio Med with Mike and he was exceptional. He was confident in his support and technical expertise all with a twist of humor. The front desk staff was on point as well. Great service evidenced by accommodations when needed, good listening and you felt the care. I would recommend this place without hesitation. On a personal note, thank you all for assisting me in my journey to recovery. I know I will do great because the start of my healing began with you all.

    - Joe D.
  • They were finally able to help with my lymphedema.

    When I retired and moved to The Villages I left behind my Lymphedema clinic. Little did I know how difficult it would be to replace that care. I asked my new Doctors if they could suggest clinics, searched the internet and social networks – no luck. Finally, I saw someone with a compression sleeve and asked her where she was being treated. She recommended Scottie Bull at Physio Med. Ms Bull is a Certified Lymphedema Therapist and was able to answer questions that I have had for thirteen years and suggested a new course of treatment. I went through daily therapy for three weeks with excellent results. The office staff was engaging and efficient, especially my therapist, Vanessa Washington. Her daily treatment was exceptional. As difficult areas arose, she tackled each with ingenuity and skill. She was kind, gentle and encouraged me when the going got tough. She made me laugh too! Even though I will always have Lymphedema, I am so grateful to have found this wonderful group of caring people. I give them five stars plus.

    - Nanette H.
  • They cared about my recovery.

    Excellent experience!! I was first greeted by a polite and energetic young man Andrew. I have 2 bad shoulders and often have trouble pulling on the heavy doors to open, Andrew recognized me walking up and left his desk to anxiously open the door for me, as he has done EVERY time I come to office. I then was greeted by my lovely therapist Jeanette. I am so grateful for the way she treats me as a real person and just not another number on her schedule, I am a quit chatty old man and she takes her time and listens to me babble while continuing to treat me as if I was her family. Last but not least they have the wonderful Becky, this young lady is so friendly that I am actually disheartened when I have to check out. With her infectious smile and tantalizing demeanor she truly tops off the wonderful experience that is Physio Med!!! I would whole heartedly recommend this rehab facility as they treat you like family!

    - Kris L.
  • The therapist cared about my recovery.

    Amazing facility for physical therapy! It’s all one-on-one therapy, so I definitely felt like I got the best care possible. The therapists truly took an interest in me, as a person! I never felt like I was just a number. Also, the front desk staff (Andrew, Becky and Kisha) were always so helpful with making sure my appointments all worked with my own schedule. There’s no way I’d ever go anywhere else!

    - Becky J.
  • Friendly, helpful, informative staff. Very clean environment.

    I was referred here by a friend of mine, and by my doctor for back pain. It is kept very clean, and everyone who works at Physio Med goes above and beyond to try and make sure you’re feeling better. They’re all friendly, helpful, informative, just all-around great people. I’ve been working with Lacey and Madeliene for 6 weeks now, and am a lot more mobile than I was when I first started coming here. This is because of the exercises, stretches, muscular massages etc. that are done here, and the information that has been given to me to take home and try. I highly recommend this place.

    - Rachel S.
  • I have no more pain or swelling in my feet & ankles.

    I came in with pain and terrible swelling in my feet and ankles and was extremely happy with the thorough, professional work done to take away ALL my swelling in just a few weeks. I was not sure this would ever be possible. What a blessing to have no more pain or swelling!

    It was a very good experience and a pleasant office. I highly recommend Ann, the Physical Therapist, to anyone and I’m happy to give her and her staff a five star rating.

    - Marilyn S.
  • I highly recommend them to anyone.

    I’ve been to physical therapy at Physio Med more than once and the therapist were beyond amazing and corrected my problem. I highly recommend them to anyone.

    - Cheryl G.
  • I am getting better due to them. Thank you

    The staff is very professional and reachable. I have been very fortunate in having Jessica as my physiotherapist who reflects such a deep understanding of care and empathy. I am getting better due to them. Thank you

    - Graham W.
  • I highly recommend Physio Med for your rehabilitation needs.

    I have low back problems and didn’t realize the difference between manual physical therapy and the type of therapy I had received at various clinics. After one visit to Wim, I knew the difference. I have treated with Wim, Vance and Scottie (all three practice manual therapy). I have nothing but praise for how much better I am after physical therapy with them. In addition, other staff members are very professional but also have empathy for all the patients! I drive from DeLand to the Leesburg clinic because I know the quality of therapy I will receive. I highly recommend Physio Med for your rehabilitation needs.

    - Margie H.